Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaría Airport Gears Up for Tourist Surge: A Blend of Innovation and Convenience

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By Marco Echevarria

Preparing for Peak Tourist Season: Costa Rica’s Game Plan

As Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaría International Airport prepares for its busiest travel season between November and April, it’s geared up to handle an expected 2.5 million passengers. Managed by industry leader Aeris, the airport is set to transform both the passenger experience and operational processes, making it a preferred choice for 69% of travelers to the region.

Next-Level Passenger Experiences

The airport introduces 45 advanced self-check-in kiosks, raising the total count to a whopping 75. These user-friendly kiosks simplify registration, boarding pass issuance, and baggage checks. They’re designed to reduce waiting times significantly.

Additionally, the “Self Bag Drop” feature is set to redefine convenience. Passengers can now swiftly drop off their luggage under watchful eyes, with systems ensuring accurate luggage tracking through weight and tag checks.

Special Attention to U.S. Travelers

Considering the U.S. as one of its major markets, the airport is enhancing its services for U.S.-bound flights. Soon, passengers will experience swift boarding processes, thanks to new biometric systems. These systems will match travelers’ faces with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office’s database, cutting down boarding times by about half.

Operational Upgrades

The airport environment gets a facelift with 106 new display screens, soon to be upgraded to 43-inch monitors. To ensure smooth processes, 147 immigration officers will man 44 control stations, ensuring swift and hassle-free passenger movement.

Smart Passenger Tips

For the best experience, passengers are advised to arrive 3-4 hours before their flights. This recommendation takes into account local traffic conditions. Utilizing mobile check-in can further streamline the airport journey, helping passengers glide through the various checkpoints.

Commitment to Superior Service

Juan Santamaría International Airport is committed to setting new benchmarks in aviation excellence. With U.S. visitor numbers rising by 158% this year, thanks to relaxed pandemic measures, the airport’s focus remains on providing top-tier experiences. The end goal? Ensure every facet of the airport’s operations reflects quality and forward-thinking innovation.