Catalino Miranda is accused of forging loan documents for $1,800,000

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

Miranda, who was a bus entrepreneur and trade union leader, is in prison for a conviction for public disorder and sale at a higher price.

The Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant against Catalino Miranda and two more men accused of forgery of documents, in a case involving loans and financial guarantees.

Miranda and José Braulio Miranda Arteaga face charges of material falsehood. And Joshua Adalberto Segovia Escamilla is accused of using and possessing false documents.

According to the prosecution’s investigations, the defendants allegedly forged a mortgage cancellation document worth $1,800,000, which was filed with the National Registration Centre (CNR), with the aim of releasing two properties that served as collateral for a loan.

Subsequently, the accused allegedly forged another document, which was presented to the Vice-Ministry of Transport (VMT) to release a 79 buses that had also been registered as collateral for the same loan, the Prosecutor’s Office reported.

Miranda is in detention and will be notified of the new crime against him, the Prosecutor’s Office said.

The other two defendants were captured by the PNC, pursuant to the arrest warrant issued by the Prosecutors Office.

Miranda has a three-year sentence for public disorder and higher-priced sale, plus for a second trial for the crime of ideological falsehood for allegedly filing false documents against a $2 million loan.

This article has been translated after first appearing in El Salvador