Camacho: Panamanians will have to choose between ‘democracy and dictatorship’

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By LatAm Reports Editorial Team

Camacho reiterated the intentions of the government and the traditional economic powers to usurp power through the manipulation of institutions.

“Panama is at a crossroads very similar to the 1989 elections where Panamanians will have to choose between “democracy and dictatorship,” said the general secretary of the party Realizing Metas (RM), Luis Eduardo Camacho, after the disqualification of the candidacy of the candidacy of the leader of the collective, Ricardo Martinelli.

Camacho reiterated the strong intentions of the government and the traditional economic and political powers that seek to usurp power through force, the political manipulation of criminal, civil and electoral justice institutions.

Sources of Metas had denounced that the Electoral Tribunal (TE) would join “legal terrorism” and that the Electoral Judges ' Agreement Chamber would seek to ignore the dual-use procedure as it actually gave.

The judges of the Electoral Tribunal again ignored their own decisions and decided – in a single instance – to disqualify the favorite presidential candidate from the elections of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, they have said.

“The result is going to be the same as in 1989. The dictatorship and its candidates are going to be defeated widely,” Camacho said. “We’re going to drown them in votes again,” Camcho said.

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“So far there is no news; this was a singing result. They still do not hide their intentions, Nito mentioned in the morning that the next president could win with only 25% of the vote, and at night they disqualified Ricardo Martinelli,” said the candidate for the presidency of the Republic for free office, Zulay Rodríguez.

The defense of the former President of the Republic will address this Tuesday at a press conference the part of the criminal process of this case.

Camacho reiterated that, for the purposes of Ricardo Martinelli, there is no firm or enforceable conviction.

He added that the former Panamanian president will continue to exercise all the resources that the law allows him at both the local and international levels to defend his rights as a citizen and his human rights.

In less than 24 hours, the judges of the Electoral Tribunal violated their own rules and ruled without taking the case to the two instances established by law.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Panama American