Bernardo Arévalo Announces New Cabinet

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By Marco Echevarria

The president-elect, Bernardo Arévalo and the elected vice president, Karin Herrera, presented this Monday to the Government Cabinet that will accompany them from January 14.

The elected binomial composed of Bernardo Arévalo and Karin Herrera, presented this January 8, 2024 the cabinet of government that will accompany them from January 14 when they assume the presidency and vice presidency of Guatemala, respectively.

The event took place at the Chamber Theatre of the Miguel Ángel Asturias Cultural Center and in it they announced the names of the people who will preside over the 14 ministries of Guatemala and some key government posts, such as secretariats.

The ministers who will take office on 14 January are:

  • Ministry of the Interior: Francisco Jiménez Irungaray

He served as Minister of the Interior during the presidency of Álvaro Colom.

He has dedicated himself to working on issues of citizen security and peace-building and is an expert in Civil Intelligence for the fight against crime and in the management of social conflicts.

He has been an adviser to international organizations on security issues

He holds a degree in Philosophy, University of San Carlos of Guatemala; a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Pontifical University Gregoriana, Italy; and a PhD in Philosophy, from the Gregorian Pontifical University, Italy.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Carlos Ramiro Martínez

He’s a career diplomat. He served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Alejandro Giammattei during the administration of Pedro Brolo. He is the one who has accompanied Arévalo on the trips during the transition period.

He is a career ambassador and internationalist by profession and has represented Guatemala as ambassador in different countries of the world.

He has worked on Development, Citizen Security and Central American Integration.

Ministry of Economy: Gabriela García

  • Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing: Jasmine de la Vega de Furlán

He is an architect and has master’s degrees in assessment, control and environmental law. The presidential binomial says it has been selected thanks to its public and private capacity and experience in building and infrastructure development.

Jazmin de la Vega, she will be the Minister of Communications. (Photo Free Press: Seed Movement)

  • Ministry of Education: Anabella Giracca

She holds a degree in Letters and Philosophy and national writer who has dedicated her life to work for the country’s education.

She mentioned in the presentation that she has coordinated programs for the training of school teachers in the interior of the country and was general coordinator of the Bilingual Literacy Program of Rafael Landivar University and USAID.

Adviser to the Academy of Mayan Languages and director of the Institute of Languages and Interculturality of Rafael Landívar University.

Anabella Giracca will be the new Minister of Education of the new government. 

  • Ministry of National Defence: Henry Sáenz Ramos

He is a Brigadier general and has master’s degrees in Administration of Resources and Technology and another in Public Security.

He has a PhD in Security and Defense.

It is mentioned that he has had an unblemished career within the Guatemalan armed forces.

Henry David Sáenz new Minister of Defense of Bernardo Arévalo. 

  • Ministry of Public Finance: Jonathan Menkos

Jonathan Menkos was elected as a deputy by the Seed Movement party and to be a minister he will have to apply for permission from the plenary of Congress. He is an economist who served as a director of the Central American Institute for Fiscal Studies (Icefi).

The new government’s information mentions that he has 25 years of experience in public finance and economics studies.

He is a developing specialist in the human rights approach.

He is an economist at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, a master’s degree in government and public policies in Latin America and also a Postgraduate Course in Quantitative Methods by the Bank of Guatemala.

Jonathan Menkos will be the new finance minister. 

  • Ministry of Labour and Social Security: Miriam Roquel

She is a lawyer with a master’s degree in human rights. She has worked in defence of women and indigenous peoples.

She has served as the first Deputy Attorney General of the Office of the Human Rights Procurator.

He is a master of human rights and has courses in integrity, transparency and the fight against corruption, the School of Public Administration of Catalonia.

He has an Integrated Global Specialization at the Postgraduate level on Legal, Interculturalism and Human Rights in Guatemala.

Miriam Roque will be the new Minister of Labour and Social Security from January 14, 2024. 

Ministry of Economy: Gabriela García-Quinn

She holds a degree in International Relations from American University, Washington DC, United States.

He is a master of Science in Development Management, American University, Washington DC, in the United States.

It is mentioned that its work has been based on the formulation of programmes for attracting trade and investment. It has developed policies for economic growth targeting children and agricultural sectors.

The Ministry of Economy will be headed by Gabriela García-Quinn from 14 January 2024. (Photo Free Press: Seed Movement)

  • Ministry of Energy and Mines: Anayté Guardado

He has a master’s degree in Business Administration and emphasis on Sustainable Development and a postgraduate degree in Specialization in Human Rights.

He ran the Renewable Energy Generators Association.

Its work on innovation in energy generation is highlighted as critical in the country’s development model.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines will be headed by Anayté Guardado. 

  • Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance: Oscar Cordón Cruz

He is a doctor and surgeon with a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Puerto Rico. He has been an adviser at World Public Health in the United States. He was part of the new Government’s transition team.

According to information provided by the Government elected, its experience is in food security, maternal and reproductive health.

The Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare will be provided by the doctor. 

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food: Maynor Estrada

He is an agronomist graduate of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala and holds a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics who studied in Mexico.

He was deputy representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Guatemala (FAO) for more than 20 years and is also a university professor.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food will be in charge of Maynor Estrada Rosales. 

Ministry of Social Development: Abelardo Pinto

Ministry of Labour and Social Security: Miriam Roquel

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources: María José Iturbide

Ministry of Culture and Sports: Liwy Grazioso Sierra

Ministry of National Defence: Henry Sáenz

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in Prensa Libre