Anti-Government Protests in Honduras

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By LatAm Reports Staff Writers

In Honduras, thousands have protested in the capital against President Xiomara Castro’s government, accusing it of unconstitutional practices and fearing a shift towards dictatorship. Organized by opposition parties, the demonstration highlighted concerns over the government’s appointment of public officials. The catalyst for this protest was the controversial appointment of an interim chief prosecutor by Castro’s party, which opposition parties deemed unconstitutional. Castro, the country’s first female president, has been strengthening ties with left-leaning governments in the region.

The Honduran constitution stipulates that 86 votes from the 128-member unicameral legislature are needed to elect the attorney general, but it also gives the committee the power to pick an interim chief prosecutor if the post is vacant.

Castro, who was sworn in as Honduras’ first woman president in January 2022 and describes herself as a democratic socialist, has sought to strengthen diplomatic relations with the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.