85.15% of Workers in Honduras Employed by Private Sector

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By LatAm Reports Editor

Privately owned companies in Honduras employ 85.15% of employees.

The Cohep believes that the installation of dialogue tables with the participation of several sectors will help to encourage the attraction of investments and the generation of jobs in the country.

For every 100 people waged in the Honduran labour market, the private company employs 85.

This is indicated by the Permanent Household Survey of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) of June 2023.

The civil service occupies 10.84% and 4,001 per cent are domestic workers. As of June of the previous year, the number of employees in the country amounted to 2,218,248 persons, according to INE data, of which 1,888,914 worked in the private company, 240,651 in the public administration and 88,683 were domestic.

The issue of employment has been held since 2022 in the public debate, as the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise (Cohep) has proposed to the government the search for a pact to mitigate the loss of sources of work in sectors such as the maquila, which recorded the loss of 43,000 jobs in 2023.

Mateo Yibrín, president of the Cohep, argues that job creation is the main challenge in the country and this requires the participation of several sectors to develop the Pact for Employment. He adds that the installation of dialogue tables is timely to encourage investment and job creation.


Studies by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (STSS) indicate that the wage-award population has experienced a recovery in recent years after the fall of 2020. In 2019 1,914,339 people were reported, dropping to 1,705,451 the following year, or 208,888 fewer due to the effects on the national economy of the covid-19 pandemic and storms Eta and Iota.

In 2021 the number of employees grew to 2,045,688 people, however, in 2022 it fell to 1,956,120 and by 2023 it recovered to 2,218,248.

The private sector has surpassed 2019 figures when it recorded 1,555,264, falling in 2020 to 1,403,390.

By 2021 it recovered to 1,668,152 and by 2022 it fell to 1,612,813 people, improving the figure by 2023 to 1,888,914 employees.

This article has been translated from the original which first appeared in El Heraldo